Bokeh (ボケ) effects

I saw this WordPress theme at and it reminded me of the Trendy Bubbles screencast. It’s actually a digital version of a photograpic effect with a Japanese name (out of it, fool, senile?). 日本語は面白いね

I thought I might try out tiled clones again but use colour and replicate this kind of effect. Using clones does some of the spacing work but it’s probably easier to do it manually. After creating the example below I found  a Photoshop tutorial (why couldn’t I find it before!) which I might try to replicate in Inkscape sometime in the future. Failing that I’ll beg Screencasters to do it.

circle flares

The original blog had this shiny black glass box effect for the blog posts so I added one based on the Screencasters  tutorials for shiny or glassy effects. It’s a white duplicate overlay with gradient to transparent, then  inset/dynamic offset to the path. The black box has a transparency gradient too.

Speaking of shiny glassy things … here’s a shiny glass button for my friend, Mika.

Hi Mika!


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