Erotic vector image

Erotic vector image

I am really proud of this stylized vector image. I took a beautiful erotic photo and traced the outlines of the woman’s body with the bezier tool. The shadows and lighting were added by duplicating the body shapes twice and using path > difference and path > intersection then changing the  opacity. I’m no good at drawing people but I can paste one together using Inkscape! I still need to play around with the light and shadow but I’m happy with this ‘first draft’.

I wanted to post this in a larger size so I decided to experiment with making a watermark in Inkscape. I added a new layer above the picture and entered my text. I changed the opacity to about 30% and duplicated and rotated it. For some reason Inkscape didn’t want to turn the text to a path today so instead of doing an intersection or difference on the text as a path with a rectangle  I just grouped the text objects and clipped them.


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