Mini tutorial for the Bokeh effect in Inkscape

Draw a rectanlge say 1280x800px (it’s my screen size)
Left to Right (or Bottom Left to Top Right) gradient 220055 to 550000
Create a new layer, call it boke
Call the rectangle’s layer background and lock it.
Draw a perfect circle (hold Ctrl) 120px wide.
Right click the fill style indicator and choose Unset.
Right click the stroke style indicator and choose Unset or white 1px.
Press Ctrl Shift F and set the Opacity slider to about 36, Blur 7.
Menu Edit > Clone > Create tiled clones.
In the dialog, edit the following fields:
Symmetry P1 (default)
Check the box – Use saved size and position of the tile
Width, Height 1000×550
Shift X randomize 100%
Shift Y randomize 50%
Scale X randomize 60%
Scale Y randomize 60%
Blur randomize 100%
Opacity randomize 100%
Color Initial color 9428f0
H Per column 4%
S Per column 3%
L Randomize 5%
Hit Create until serendipity occurs.
To introduce more randomness, play with the values above
or select the original circle (click on any clone and hit Shift D)
and unlink the clone with Shift Alt D. Select it again and
resize then create some more clones. Enjoy!

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