Starbucks “create your own” tumbler template (tall size)

This is my new insert design for my tumbler. It’s a funny shape (a truncated cone) so I really needed a template.

Finally I gave up trying to find a template/diecut for my tumbler that I could edit in Inkscape. I took the insert that came with the tumbler and measured it. I changed all the measurements in my document to mm and set up guides based on the measurements. I enabled snapping to guides and drew an outline with the bezier tool and switched to edit nodes. I dragged the top and bottom lines into curves based on my guides.

Problems you may encounter:

The truncated cone shape will distort your image when you wrap the insert around your tumbler. Test it out by drawing an insert with straight horizontal lines. Stick it in and see how they curve. If your image is just some random paint splatter then that won’t matter but for something else it might. Fire up the Gimp and correct the distortion using the process here.

When you put the insert into the tumbler there’s an overlap of the left or right edge (you can choose when you put it in) of about 15mm at the top and 17mm at the bottom (the conic shape tends to curve the bottom more). Also the bottom 12mm can’t be seen through the enclosure. I’ve included an white transparent overlay showing the no-go areas in the template SVG file.

You can download my SVG document from here and make your own design. If you use it, please think about rewarding my hard work by buying me a coffee. just click on the paper cup in the sidebar.
tumbler outline svg


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