Textures, dodging and burning in The Gimp

This blue-green grungy boke WordPress theme is called Motion and is by:

Sam @ 85ideas

I liked it so much I thought I’d give it a try and set about trying to replicate the effect in Inkscape. After a while I figured out that this sort of grungy rasterized image is more easily achieved in The Gimp. I took a texture of grungy concrete with dripping water and added a stucco texture with vertical lines over it. I reduced its opacity down so the other texture showed through and added a semi-transparent layer which I painted blue-green. I then used the dodge brush to bring out contrast in the grainy texture and get the colour just right. At this point I was painting broad strokes. After that I switched brush size and used single clicks to paint boke circles. Sometimes I gave them a double click to make a very dark circle.

Here’s the result…

blue boke

I only spent half an hour (stolen from bedtime) on this so I’ll probably come back to it and tweak it to death. I want to introduce some more grunge and light leaks like these at ScottPhotographics.

A few light leaks later this is how it’s looking:

blue boke with light leaks

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