Buy me a coffee

Buy me a coffee

This image was something I was working on a few days ago but I didn’t post it because…well it’s not really comparable to the image in the tutorial I followed. Not having Photoshop, I used both Inkscape and the GIMP to recreate the effect but I’m not familiar enough with the GIMP to do lighting with a dodge blend mode layer. As you can see, I’ve tried to remedy that in my previous post. This is not great but shows what can be done in a short time.

Check out this tutorial for the “amazing photoshop light effect” I was copying.

BTW the paper cup in the sidebar was done in Inkscape.

Update: OK, after switching back and forth between Inkscape and the GIMP I have something I’m happier with. See below. The workflow in PS must be about a day shorter though…


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