Gimp palettes


There’s a nice cityscape over at which uses ‘sunset’ colours. Here’s my cityscape, in Inkscape, using the same palette. Kuler, for example, also shows how sharing colour palettes can be fun and inspirational. The only problem, as usual, is proprietory formats. The site exports in .ase format.

But Gimp and Inkscape users (both use the same .gpl palette format) can still get in on the action. You can convert .ase palettes to .gpl with PaletteParser. So Kuler is now your oyster.

I grabbed the colours from the original image with a useful web tool is Just upload a pic or enter a URL and it generates light, medium, dark and complete colour palettes. Save as Photoshop swatches (.aco file) or as CSS stylesheet (.css file, which is a list of hex values). The cool thing about Gimp is that Photoshop .aco files can be imported directly.


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