New tumbler insert- written in the sand

beach tumbler

I designed a new tumbler insert which you can download below and use for free. The idea is that you love coffee so much you take it for a walk on the beach 😉 The text appears to be written in the sand.

I took a photo (bitmap) of sand, made it into a pattern (object to pattern) and applied the pattern to the template. Try it out.

The text and line drawing was freehand with the Bezier tool. Black with 2% blur and a duplicate brown with 4% blur.

The image above might be of some interest. Software box promo shots often use this set up as well as Apple’s coverflow. I used Gimp following the tutorials at screencasters, and Nicu’s How-to Blog. There’s open source software that will do this for you automagically called Shutter.

You can download the inserts here:



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