Putting your character in a scene


After a brief argument with my graphics card driver I’m back with the next episode.

Once you have all your body parts ready to you can rearrange them and put your character in a scene. My character is *smokin’ hot* so I put her in a bathtub! I changed her makeup, hair and eye colour. You can go crazy with that and change her look completely.

I traced a bathtub photo I found on Google Images and used white to grey gradients for lighting effects.
The floating bubbles are made with the Ellipse Tool. First with no fill and white stroke. Duplicate then switch fill and stroke. Re-size with Ctrl+Shift to fit perfectly inside the original. Duplicate and drag to an offset position then do a Path > Difference to form a crescent. Use a white to transparent gradient.

The suds are white filled circles of various sizes stamped with the space-bar.

One thing that will confuse you when you try to put your character in a bathtub, car, etc. is she needs to be behind one part of the object (this side of the tub) and in front of another (the rear of the tub). You could solve this by changing your perspective to dead-on orthogonal but that only works if you’re an ancient Egyptian. Instead we make two copies of the bath and cut a bite out of the front side which includes the negative space of the bath (the part you sit in) and the rear edge. I drew a rough shape around the part I wanted to keep then used Clipping (Object > clip > set ) to remove the rest. You can match the two halves of the tub using the Align and Distribute Tool.


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