Moving from Windows to Linux

If you’re thinking of moving your GIMP and Inkscape activities to a Linux OS then I can recommend Open Suse 12.1 which has both applications built in.

When I came to Japan I bought a cheap Dell Inspiron 1526 notebook which has lasted (with returns to Dell and DIY fixes from me) about 3 years. Unfortunately, this notebook model has an annoying Broadcom WiFi card which doesn’t work ‘out of the box’, even in Ubuntu.

I don’t have a wired internet connection which means of course, I can’t connect to the internet to use the repositories to fix the problem. However, I was able to sort it out in a few minutes following the instructions here. I downloaded them elsewhere and put them on a USB stick. I went to the /lib/firmware directory and deleted the empty folders b43 and b43legacy. I replaced them with the contents of the folder in the ZIP file. After a restart I had WiFi!

You can copy your fonts over from Windows too. Open two file browser windows 1. Windows/Fonts on your Windows partition and 2. ‘.fonts’ in your Home directory on your Linux partition and copy-paste them across all at once. You can’t see the Linux ‘.fonts’ folder by default so choose Show Hidden Files from the View menu. Here is where I found it.

You’ll want to copy over your brushes for GIMP too.


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