Japanese Illustration – Faces

イラスト (irasuto), is the Japanese word for illustration. It’s everywhere you look in Japan. Every company, serious or playful, has some kind of mascot or childlike illustration. I have a few books about it but there are hundreds to choose from. One of them lets you draw right inside the book and gives examples to copy from. I really enjoyed that and want to share a bit of that experience with you.

I made an example sheet you can drop into Inkscape or print and draw on directly. I’ve added some dashed lines not included in the book to show you how to divide the face area and put the features in the right places. You can read more about that here.

I’ve shown how you can experiment with the size and shape of the features and their positioning. This way you can change how your face looks and tilt the head or turn it left or right. Use the examples as a guide and draw your own on the blank faces on the right. Enjoy!



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