Swoosh and swirl

Let’s infuse our vector images with a bit of swirly Art Nouveau gorgeousness. First choose the Bezier Tool, and choose Create Spiro Path from the mode button (top left), and Triangle In from the drop-down list. Draw a swoosh with a few clicks, circling inward. Right click to end the path. Now go to Path from the menu bar > Path Effect Editor. Make sure your path is selected and choose Pattern Source: Edit on Canvas. A triangle of three nodes will appear in the corner of your page. Play around dragging the nodes and your path will follow the changes.

When you’re happy with your swirly spiro path choose Path > Object To Path. Now you can duplicate, resize, rotate, stretch, overlay it to your heart’s content. I did a kind of swirly picture frame or mirror frame and put a gothicky chick in it. Enjoy!


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